About Gray Matter Health


Gray Matter Heath is a mental health studio designed to support individuals, couples, families and organizations.

The mission of Gray Matter Health is to advance mental health awareness while providing mental wellness services. Gray Matter Health offers consulting services in regards to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), anti-racism and psychological health and safety.


To provide culturally sensitive mental wellness services while advancing antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion.


We help people reconcile, restore, rejuvenate, reflect and recover so that they can live their best life.


About Marci

Genuine, Compassionate & Innovative Therapist Compelling & Engaging Speaker

Marci Gray is the lead psychotherapist and CEO of Gray Matter Health. She is an experienced speaker and corporate trainer as well as consultant and author who specializes in mental health and anti-racism work which is the focus of her PhD research. 

As a psychotherapist she helps people to address their mental health and relationship challenges so that they can overcome and begin living their best life! Marci has helped individuals, couples, families and groups to work towards recovery, healing, restoration and begin living their best life. She has supported families and individuals from all walks of life for over 20 years in various capacities -working in Shelters, Community Health Organizations, Hospitals, Counselling Agencies, Churches, Social Housing Communities, Corrections and Human Services to help impact and change in people’s lives. She is also the author of The Empowerment Planner, a mental health and wellness tool created to help you nurture your overall wellbeing.

As an experienced speaker, corporate trainer and consultant her work has focused on mental health promotion as well as diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism work with organizations. Change the conversation then move beyond dialogue towards meaningful action, creating impact for your leadership team all the way through to your frontline. Learn how to recognize micro-aggressions, unconscious bias, and how to cultivate a healthy work environment for BIPOC staff. Creating a psychological healthy and safe workspace for all increases motivation, innovation and productivity.