Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Therapy

Are you constantly feeling anxious? On edge? Over thinking?

  • Anxiety is an emotion that we all experience from time to time, but it can also become such an overwhelming emotion in some people’s lives that it interferes with their ability to live a happy, healthy and relaxed existence.  When anxiety takes over your life, it can come in the form of excessive worry, paralyzing fear, and/or the avoidance of people, places, situations and things that may cause anxiousness.  The thoughts and fears of anxiety may seem irrational to others but to you they are all too real and even crippling.                       
  • Anxiety, however is not just worried thoughts and feelings of doom, it also manifests physically as well.  Anxiety can cause a pounding, racing heart, trembling or shaking and hot or cold sweats.  Anxiety can come in various forms like social anxiety, generalized anxiety or panic attacks.  One does not have to have a diagnosis of anxiety disorder to begin to realize that anxiety has become problematic in their lives.  When anxiety causes you to avoid going out with friends, travel to places you would otherwise want to go, or stops you from trying new things, you know that anxiety has become a hinderance.  Anxiety can also interfere with your relationships and cause you to appear irritable or distant to the people in your life.                                                                                                                                                                   
  • If anxiety is a challenge for you, you have come to right place.  We can help you overcome it.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the nervousness, anxiousness and self consciousness that one may feel when in a social situation, public space or group.   This comes from a fear of being judged, ridiculed or scrutinized by others.  Those with social anxiety are afraid of being embarrassed in front of others and therefore it is hard to engage at social events, speak up in public, eat in front of others or even go to work or school on days when the anxiety gets too high. 

Social anxiety does not go away when you are with others who you know.  You tend to overthink about what others may be thinking and you are always thinking that others have negative thoughts towards you.  You may be afraid, for example, that someone did not say hello because they don’t like you, or that they looked at you so they are thinking you dressed weird or are strange.  You may over analyze and obsess until you are sick with worry, self disgust or embarrassment.  Social anxiety can cause isolation & unhappiness even when you are alone.  There is hope, however for you if you have social anxiety.  Book a Free Initial Consultation with one of our therapists by clicking the Book Now button below.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is an uncontrollable feeling of doom or worry that is not necessarily due to a particular event or situation.  It is constant and persistent no matter what the circumstances.  You may stress about money, even when you have a lot of savings.  You may worry about getting fired, even when you are a great employee.  You may be worried about illness, calamity or bad things happening, even when there is little to no evidence that it is likely.   Generalized anxiety is like a faucet that won’t turn off, no matter how much others try to reassure you, convince you all is well, or tell you not to worry.  There are specific treatments available for generalized anxiety.

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Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

Panic attacks are the mark of  possible panic disorder.  Panic attacks are a fear responses that manifest physically for this reason many mistake a panic attack for a heart attack.  Panic attacks often result in heart palpitations, chest pains, shaking, difficulty breathing, dizziness, the feelings of fear, doom or losing control.  Panic attacks are sudden onsets of these physical symptoms and often come on without warning.  They can happen anywhere and anytime seemly out of no where and therefore cause more anxiety for fear that they will happen when unexpectedly.  Panic attacks can also happen in the face of something extremely feared.  There is help however for decreasing panic attacks and treating panic disorder.

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Our Treatment Approach for Anxiety

Avoidance seems like it helps anxiety.  For example, staying away from the mall because you had a panic attack at the mall, seems like a great idea.  Staying home instead of going to the party seems to be the best when anxiety is high.  Avoiding anything that brings on anxiety makes sense right?  Wrong.  The more you avoid anxiety, is the more we feed the anxiety loop that happens in our brains.  When you avoid, you actually convince your brain that there is indeed something to be feared and so the anxiety gremlin gets bigger, not smaller.  

Our skilled team of therapists can help you to escape that cycle of fear, worry and panic by interrupting the fear cycle.  We work with you to shift your brain into understanding the difference between discomfort and danger.  We teach you how to take steps to minimize or even eliminate those fears, worries and anxieties through EMDR, cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and/ or exposure therapy.  The freedom from anxiety keeping you captive in your life is just around the corner!  Contact Us today!

Recovery is Possible!

Let us help you work towards recovering from excessive anxiety.  Whether you have a diagnosis or not, we can help to assess, treat and remedy the symptoms of distressing anxiety.  Live the life you have always wanted to live!  Be the person you have always been too fearful to be.   Now is your time to work towards a new you!  What did you always image or dream that you could be?  Where are the places that you would explore if you no longer had the anxiety?  Let us start you on your journey to a more fulfilling and meaningful life!



Retrain Your Brain!

Anxiety treatment is all about retraining your brain to escape the cycle of fear, worry and anxiety.  We help you to through the avoidance cycle while working through the uncertainty that causes anxiety.  We help you to rewire the brain from always thinking the worst case scenario by challenging negative thoughts and erroneous beliefs.  

The amygdala, the emotion centre of the brain, is overactive during high anxiety while the pre-frontal cortex has difficulty going online.  The pre-frontal cortex is the executive functioning, rational thinking centre of the brain.  We want this part of the brain online in order to think clearly and rationally while bringing down high anxiety through tolerance, acceptance and making space for the experience.  We implement methods that help you tell your brain that you are safe, can do hard things, and can overcome overwhelming anxiety.