Climbing Your Mountain

Climbing Your Mountain

Climbing your mountain is the only way to reach your peak potential. Whatever obstacles are in your way whether it be stress, distress, a mental illness or physical pain, here are some ways in which to begin your mountain climb: 

  1. Acknowledge the mountain before you. It is vast, it towers above, it is a challenge but it cannot overtake you. Whatever it is that stands between you and success seems huge right now but you can conquer all things. See the seemingly insurmountable task or challenge for what it is. It may not be challenging for someone else, but for you its huge.
  2. Decide on your step one. You don’t have to have the whole plan, just the first step. Then take that step. Don’t contemplate or debate it. Once you know the first step take action. Do it right away. Any step forward is progress. After you’ve taken that step, celebrate it. Congratulate yourself. Even reward yourself but not with something that will reverse your progress. Choose your reward wisely.
  3. Keep going. Never stop moving forward. Figure out your step 2, 3, 4, and 5. Take things slowly and one step at a time. Each step you take, congratulate yourself and your progress because you are awesome for facing your mountain in the first place.
  4. Keep track of your progress. We easily forget the accomplishments we’ve made whether big or small. Record what you were unable to do before you took step one and look at your progress. You’ve come a long way. Don’t take that lightly.
  5. Celebrate your milestones of success. If you’ve reached step 5 of 10, you may not yet be at the top, but each step gets you that much closer. Whether you’re half way there or almost there, celebrate your milestones. Share with someone your accomplishments. Tell them where you’ve come from and what your goal is. This commits to continue to the top.
  6. Congratulate yourself once you begin nearing the top. Pause and look back at all that you have overcome to get this far.
  7. Pause. Breathe. Take it all in. You’ve made it! When you have reached your goal, you know that you have made it and nothing is too hard for you to accomplish!

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Marcy Gray

Psychotherapist and Diversity Expert

Marci Gray is the lead psychotherapist and CEO of Gray Matter Health. She is an experienced speaker and corporate trainer as well as consultant and author who specializes in mental health and anti-racism work which is the focus of her PhD research. READ MORE


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