Men’s Mental Health & Therapy

Men’s Mental Health & Therapy

Are you having a silent crisis? Feeling a need to make life changes?

It can be an isolating experience when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or fed up of your current situation.  Dealing with it on your own can be difficult and lead to further frustration with yourself and others.

Stress and Overwhelm

Whether it is lack of education, unemployment, workplace stress, family conflicts or loneliness, men have a lot on their mind. Studies show that men experience stress and overwhelm slightly differently.  In comparison to women, men’s stress response can result in higher forms of anger, aggression and irritability whether outwardly expressed or internalized.  The impact to your physical health can result in greater risk of high blood pressure, headaches, and chest pain or lead to other serious health issues if not tended to.  In this way physical and mental health are interconnected.  High stress can lead not only overwhelm but depression, insomnia, decreased anger control and feelings of insecurity.  Coping can then be maladaptive and lead to alcohol and drugs, smoking and overall decreased productivity in one’s life.  At Gray Matter Health we’ve got a focus on Men’s unique mental health needs.  Psychotherapy can help to address the strong fight-flight response activated in men who are experiencing high stress and overwhelm.

Suffering in Silence

Depression in men is not about being “soft” or simply having a bad day.  It can be a crippling medical concern requiring treatment and psycho-social support.  Unfortunately many men are suffering in silence, or not seeking support until its too late. In Canada there are about 4000 deaths per year by suicide and 75% of those deaths are men.  Many other men are coping by increased smoking, use of alcohol,  cannabis, or other drugs.  Sometimes the suffering causes withdrawal or isolation, making it even more difficult for loved ones to lend support.  It is time to break the silence.  Reach out to us for the support you need to get through this rough patch.  

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It takes strength to admit you need some support

Surprising Statistics

  • In Canada 75% of all deaths by suicide are done by men. 
  • On average 50 men in Canada a week are dying by suicide. 
  • Indigenous men and gay men have higher rates of suicide than the national average.  
  • Canadian men are three times more likely to have a substance use addiction then women.  Other race based data on suicides are unknown.
  • About 10% of Canadian men will experience significant mental health challenges in their life.  
  • Approximately one million Canadian men this year alone, will have clinical depression.

Getting Help

Men often face stigma when seeking mental health help.  It can be difficult to reach out for help or to admit you have a challenge that is hindering you from living your best life.  Sometimes it takes a friend or partner to encourage you to go.  Either way, courage starts with the first step.  Suffering alone or in silence only worsens one’s life and guarantees unhappiness.  Let’s go beyond the stigma and begin taking reasonable steps towards taking care of our own health.

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