Introducing The Empowerment Planner

The Mental Health and Wellness Journal, Planner & Workbook in One!

make your wellness a daily priority

The Empowerment Planner is a mental health and wellness tool helpful in boosting mood, challenging anxiety and helping you work on becoming the best version of you. There are three cover designs of The Empowerment Planner.

Flower Empower

This cover design -flower power exudes calmness and tranquility for the introspective individual who is ready to make themselves a priority.

Black Exec.

This cover design is for the sharp and courageous thinker who enjoys the clean lines of this design and is ready for self improvement and living a life of wellness on purpose.

Blue Marble

Blue Marble is for the creative, authentic person who has the courage to begin working on living a fulfilling and enriched life.

Challenge Yourself

The Empowerment Planner includes Empowerment Pages: these worksheets are designed to help you shake up your status quo. Challenge yourself to do new things, learn more about your internal dialogue, assess self esteem and develop self compassion.

Organize Your Life

This planner includes elements of a traditional monthly, weekly and daily planner. Organize, plan and execute each day with intension and purpose.

Improve Self Care

Self care is imperative when it comes to mental well-being. The Self-Care Square included in The Empowerment Planner is a checklist ensuring that you are looking after your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness.

Build Confidence

Daily Affirmations are included on each page to the planner. Affirmations help you to overcome negative self talk and boost self confidence. Repeating your daily affirmation is a powerful way to transform your inner state and encourage positive feelings of self worth and value.

Live a Value Driven Life

Living a value driven life is the key to living a meaningful life. Values can drive us to live a life according to the things that are most important to us. Goals are useful however values help to keep us on track towards living our best life.

Sort Through Your Thoughts & Feelings

The planner includes a weekly thought journal. Journaling has incredible mental health benefits. It not only allows us to sort through our thoughts, emotions and feelings, but it evokes mindfulness and helps us to take new perspective on problems and challenges. A new perspective can help us to solve problems, eliminate worry, stress and tension leaving us feeling relieved, refreshed and revived.

Monitor Mood and Anxiety

One of the most unique features of the planner is that it includes a mood and anxiety monitor. Checking in on yourself daily helps you to unlock how your experiences can be the source of tough feelings and emotions. Understanding this empowers you to then make lifestyle changes in order to prevent triggers from negatively impacting you. It also gives space for you to self reflect on things you can do to improve your quality of life. 

Nourish Your Mind

The Empowerment Planner give you a daily opportunity to nourish your mind in a positive and powerful way. All the various elements included in this planner help you to improve your mindset, boost mood and activate the parts of your brain that encourages emotion regulation.

Improve Mental Health and Wellness

Make your wellness a priority!