Reinvent You

Reinvent You

Reinvent You. 
Frustrated with where your life is going?
Unhappy with the mundane routine of everyday?
Or maybe you just need a fresh start. Reinvent yourself. It can be as simple as getting a new hair do, or as complex as reevaluating your strengths, weaknesses, job, life direction or personality traits.

Reinventing you is an opportunity to move towards living your best life. If you are terribly shy, for example, reinventing you could be about learning how to put yourself out there or how to gain more confidence. Reinventing you can be a way to move yourself forward on your mental health journey.

Here’s some helpful hints on how to begin:

1. Evaluate the areas of your life that you are unhappy with. Be sure to choose things that you have control over. This is not a wave the magic wand exercise.

2. Start with one area at a time. Decide on why that area needs reinventing and chose the easiest fix to tackle first.

3. Decide on what would make that area of your life better and how to reinvent that one particular area.

4. Make that change

5. Celebrate that change.

If you are finding difficulty doing this exercise on your own, work with a close friend or a trusted therapist.
Happy Reinventing!

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Marcy Gray

Psychotherapist and Diversity Expert

Marci Gray is the lead psychotherapist and CEO of Gray Matter Health. She is an experienced speaker and corporate trainer as well as consultant and author who specializes in mental health and anti-racism work which is the focus of her PhD research. READ MORE


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